Probably Swedens most exclusive  

Heli skiing experience

A couple of miles north of the arctic circle, just south of Sarek National Park, Staika to the west and Raska in the south, lies Lappland’s Tarrekaise mountain range.

We have been heliskiing among its many summits since 2004 and have gathered unique knowledge of the terrain.

With more than a hundred routes explored, we are able to offer a wide variety of runs, ranging from smooth cruising to extreme challenges, depending on your individual capability and choice.

In close collaboration with the local Saami communities Tuorpon and Jåkhågaska we make sure not to disturb the natural habitat and its wildlife.


Since our activities take place in high alpine terrain, safety is of utmost importance for us at Heliski Kvikkjokk.

Our experienced team of guides is led by Peter Aubrunner, SGSF-guide and one of Austria’s most renowned avalanche experts.

Our professional crew also comprises a physician, Tomas Isaksson, as well as a certified paramedic, Torbjörn Andersson.









The arrangement includes a complete safety equipment, such as an avalanche backpack (airbag), an avalanche transceiver, probe poles and a spade.

Before we head out to the summit, all participants undergo intensive basic training of peer rescue in which they can familiarize themselves with the equipment.


Our accommodation at ÅrreNjarka Mountain Lodge is located on a scenic peninsula on Lake Saggat.

You can either reside in our modern cottages’ double rooms or enjoy the peace and quiet of a single room in the compound’s newly built hotel.

The imposing main building serves as the hub for our activities. It is here where we eat our meals, come together for briefings and enjoy the après ski after a glorious day out.

Our very own star-chef, Jasper, sees to your wellbeing: preparing outstanding three-course dinners accompanied by assorted vines, he makes sure that your stay is also a culinary highlight. When we are out on the mountain, he provides wholesome meals cooked on an open fire.


In collaboration with ATOMIC, HeliskiKvikkjokk functions as a test center for Atomic's big mountain segment.

For you as a guest, this means that you can choose to travel light with only the boots in your luggage. Atomic's expert on site will help you find the right ski.

For those of you who travel with your own equipment, it can be an opportunity to try something new.


ÅrreNjarka Kvikkjokk is situated around 100km northwest of Jokkmokk in the Swedish province of North Bothnia (Norrbottens län).

The easiest way to get there is by plane to Luleå Kallax, LLA, and further by rental car or taxi transfers.

The event starts in ArreNjarka at 17.00 on the day of arrival with safety training and ends at 14.00 on the day of departure.

Take these times into account when you book flights and transfers.

It is of course possible to get to Arrenjarka with your own car.

DATES 2024

We have three permanent arrangements in 2024

25 April - 29 April

1 May - 5 May

6 May - 10 May


We also offer exclusive packages, tailor-made to your requirements.

Please contact us for individual offers.


The weather conditions in the mountains are a decisive factor in our venture. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about bad weather. In case your trip suffers from adverse weather conditions, we have a refund system for unused flight-time (pitch time).

You may choose between transferring pitch time to your next stay with Heliski Kvikkjokk or take advantage of a SEK 56,60 per minute refund.


Accommodation for 4 nights at ÅrreNjarka Mountain Lodge

Breakfast, lunch and 3-course-dinner (including assorted wine) and snacks for the duration of the stay

3 hours flying time (pitch time, i.e. only airborne time is considered) with a group of 5 persons. Each group is led by experienced guides.

Price 47.800 SEK, VAT incl. Additional cost for a single room, SEK 1.550,- per night


Hansi        +46 70 215 06 19
Mattias     +46 70 583 21 34  

Instagram @heliskikvikkjokk


Hansi +46 70 215 06 19 - Mattias +46 70 583 21 34